Here I'll try and answer some common questions that I am asked! 


Are your products real flowers?

  • Yes, all my products use real flowers mainly picked from garden and around the English cotswolds! 🌸


Where are you based?

  • I'm based in a little village in Oxfordshire, England. 🌷


How long before my order is Shipped?

  • I usually ship about 99% of orders in 24 hours, but over the weekend they may take a little longer! 


What shipping do you use? 

  • I ship all orders tracked so you are able to see exactly where your order is on its way to you and when it was posted! 


How long before my order reaches me?

  • It really depends where about you are in the world...within the UK its usually a couple of days but it mainly varies with each country. Sadly the longest delivery time is to Australia and the US who can, but usually do not, take up to a month.


What should I do if I have a problem with my order?

  • I am so sorry that you have a problem, please DM me on Instagram (@tuppencestore) or email me at tuppencestore@gmail.com and I promise to get it sorted as soon as possible.


Can I get any custom products?

  • Yes! Please DM on Instagram I often do custom pieces, either specific flowers, colours or even pieces with things such as meaningful flowers, that have been sent to me.